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Reduce Bias

For organizations with 1-10 users

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Coaching on inclusive language
Coaching for meaningful employee performance reviews and feedback
Coaching for objective job applicant evaluations
Chrome Extension that works with your HR systems, messaging, marketing, and collaboration tools
Upful's platform
Customer support via Slack or e-mail
Personal Analytics

Ideal for Small Teams

For organizations with 11-299 users

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Everything in the Free plan, plus:
Customize language rules
Personal Onboarding and Support
Custom Analytics Insight Reports
Alerts for Admin Users

Widescale L&D for Enterprises

For organizations with 300+ users

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Everything in the Business plan, plus:
Adaptive coaching based on your business needs, culture, and values
Custom alerting for Admin users
Custom integration with your chosen HR systems
Custom pricing

*Subscriptions are charged annually and can be cancelled until the day before the end of the subscription period.

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