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Learning in the Flow of Work to Empower Employees

Upful has created a way to help eliminate bias in the workplace. Our tool can help with recruiting, performance management, and  communication.

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ai for Performance reviews

Meaningful and Inclusive
Performance Reviews & Feedback

Use Upful to get unbiased coaching as you write feedback that can help employees grow and develop their careers.


Connect With The Apps You Use

Use Upful with apps that people leaders use on a regular basis. Whether it's for performance reviews, job application, or feedback, we'll fit right in with your tech stack.

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Improve Employee relations

Why Companies Use Upful

Talent Development

Managers get better at giving actionable feedback. Employees receive feedback that actually helps them grow and learn.

Engage & Retain

Unbiased and actionable feedback keeps employees engaged and more likely to stay, innovate, and create business value. Not to mention, better physical and mental wellbeing.

Scalable Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Increase diversity at all levels and departments in your organization. Ensure equitable & inclusive decisions on hiring, salaries, promotions, and terminations. Get the right people in the right roles.

Save Time & Money

Saves time by automatically coaching managers on being better people managers. Reduces legal liabilities, PR issues, bullying, and discrimination in a scalable and consistent way, freeing up your HRBP's time to focus on the more difficult issues, which we can flag.

Coaching Philosophy

Nudge Theory
Learning in the Flow-of-Work

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