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Video & Podcast: Creating Meaningful and Objective Employee Performance Reviews

May 6, 2021
Video & Podcast: Creating Meaningful and Objective Employee Performance Reviews
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Shirin Nikaein

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In this episode, Envision RISE’s Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty speaks with Shirin Nikaein, Co-Founder and CEO of Upful about how a negative experience with biased employer feedback led her to create a product that helps companies produce more meaningful and objective employee performance reviews.

Staci and Shirin talk about how Upful uses behavioral science research to address common issues with employee reviews as well as what it’s like to be in a start-up, and advice for those thinking of starting their own companies.

Hear Staci and Shirin discuss:

- How Upful detects vague, subjective, speculative, or potentially biased language and provides real-time coaching to remind managers of best practices when writing an employee performance evaluation

- The importance of reducing different types of cognitive biases to make evaluation feedback more objective and representative of an employee’s performance - The punishment gap and the expectation for women to be 100% likable, 100% of the time  

- The significance of performance ratings and the impact on an employee’s career trajectory and earning potential

- Why representation in upper management matters for improving employee retention and creating products and services that serve more people equally

To learn how Upful uses behavioral science to coach people as they write employee performance feedback visit:

To connect with us to learn more about how our RISE platform helps companies make a commitment to promote diversity, inclusion, equity and create an environment where your people are empowered to drive change and innovation:

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